My Scotland Adventure: What did I find?

So - Scottish gold: First, let me say that the owners of the campsite where I stayed had a glass vial with some flakes (left in the photo). The biggest one was about 8mm, and when I saw it, I was impressed, as you don't find flakes that big in Austria that easily. But Scotland is different. Camplady: "We had some gold earlier, but it changed its colour, so I told the guy 'this isn't gold', bring me real one - and he came back with this." The gold had been found in the area. So there WAS gold after all. Also, I had seen some really nice pieces of Scottish gold on the internet and heard talk that even a nugget wasn't entirely impossible. So I gave it a try. And look what I found! My vial is the right one - and on the coin I put my biggest finds:

I found the C-shaped one and the tree smaller ones all in one pan of material out of a crevice in the exposed bedrock. I couldn't believe my eyes, there they lay, at the back of my pan, not moving an inch when the water ran over them. This is actually, when I started talking to myself in amazement, while very carefully putting them in my glass-vial. Only once they were in there and I had screwed the lid on, I could breathe again. The big chunky on the left was then in my third pan of the same crevice material. Here are some bigger photos (magnified by 60x):

The big one on the left is about 5mm. Aren't they gorgeous? When I shake the vial, I hear a metallic clinging sound. Funnily enough, after I had found these chunks, the other pans with crevice material were empty. Not even a single speck of gold...

I did find more in the region, but nothing huge, just little specks. Saying that, I am aware that tiny specks in my Austrian river would have freaked me out a month ago . Gold spoils you quicly. It leaves you wanting more and always bigger stuff. Haha. Well, anyway, I am really happy with my finds and haven't got tired of looking at them yet.

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  1. That is some nice Gold. Did it come from the river next to the Campsite? Have you tried the river up past the Green Welly Stop in Tyndrum?


  2. Yes, that river. Tried the one up the hill from the Green Welly Stop as well, but only found fine, smaller specks. I did, however, not really dig deep, as I didn't have the right equipment with me (e.g. a sluice to work through large amounts of gravel), so I stuck to exposed beckrock...