Panning in Tyndrum, Scotland: Pictures

A few days ago, I returned from my gold-panning holidays near Tyndrum in Scotland. I had seen some youtube videos about Scottish gold, did some research and found out that Tyndrum is one of two areas in Scotland, which is famous for its gold (and bigger stuff than what I had found so far). So that decided it: I would spend 10 days there in search for some gold. Here are some pictures (click to make them bigger):

Tyndrum is a wee led- and gold-mining town. While I was there, they decided whether to re-open the old goldmine. It was decided against it, which many didn't understand.

I spent most days panning the rivers (there were two main ones), though at first without luck, which led to a bit of frustration. Even borrowing a gravel pump from the owner of the campsite didn't quite do the trick, which was, well, a little frustrating.

Unfortunately, none of the Scottish goldpanners had any time to meet up, but they did give me valuable tips and I kept on focussing on crevices, rather than digging gravel holes, because I'm lazy and I didn't wanna keep on borrowing the pump. Also, there was quite a bit of exposed bedrock, which was worth cleaning out. But... what did I finally find? I'm going to leave this question open until the next post.

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  1. Roberta? Wie machst Du eigentlich die schönen Fotos? Selbstauslöser und dann Dich gestellt?

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