Precious stones... but where's the gold?

In the meantime, my other two gold pans for fine-washing arrived. They were delivered together with a tiny sniffer-bottle (which doesn't quite work) a handy pair of tweezers, a magnifying glass and a little jar. The weather cleared up quite a bit again and yesterday, I went down to the river to try my luck again. It turned out that the little specks I found last time were probably no gold, but just some flitters from iron pyrites, which we have a lot of in the area. So what did I find this time? Alas, no gold but some pretty garnets (in the picture above). If you click on the picture, you can see that on the left, there's also some tiny light green stones. Finding all these shows that my method of panning is at least not totally wrong: in the end, only the heavy black and red sand remained - mixed with these heavy semi-precious stones and a small piece of a rusty nail. This weekend, I plan to finally try the most promising river in the area.

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