The first attempt

Today, I finally received my first gold-pan in the mail. am still waiting for some black pans (for finer gold) and some accessories... but even with only one pan, I could finally try prospecting for some gold at the river (I did try it before, but lids and flowerpot-saucers just don't work). It was freezing outside - tonight the first snow fell on the hills and mountains. But the landscape looked beautiful:

I have to take a sief next time, because it was a drag picking out the bigger stones. I don't expect big nuggets anyway, so a sief will really help getting rid of useless gravel. I also did not bring a shovel, which made scraping together material really hard. However, I did end up with some tiny little flitters in the end. I have no idea, if they are real gold or not. I did do research about rivers with gold in the area - and the river where I washed today does have gold, but not really where I tried it, so yeah... But they shimmer in a pretty way and make me wanna try some more promising rivers soon. I just hope, the weather gets a bit warmer still!

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