Looking up-close now - my microscope!

I haven't posted in a long time, sorry for that. There's indeed lots to tell you - so I best start at the very beginning, as first thing's first: I finally have a microscope! It's a Traveller USB microscope, which you can plug directly into the computer to take screenshots. It magnifies either 10x, 60x or 200x and you can change the light settings (light from above, below or both). Best thing is: It was only 30 Euros - and it really works like a charm! Here are some pictures of older finds that I could finally look at closely. Click on the picture to see it in a much better, bigger quality:

I am really happy with the results. Sure, it has some flaws, e.g. when you blow it up to 200x, the vision does get blurrier and the contrast is much less, but overall, I think, it's a great microscope for a fantastic price - and it serves my needs perfectly.

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