It was a chilly, windy day in the canyon...

... but I finally did find some gold... well, I think (and hope) I did. In total, I worked for about three hours, just with shovels, a sief and my pans - no sluice, as I don't have one yet. Let me tell you, my back was killing me . It was pretty rough to get to the spots, too - lots of climbing and almost-falling-in-the-icy-water. But it also was really beautiful:

I took the concentrate of about 5-6 pans home with me. There, I tried to separate any gold from the heavy minerals and black sand, but it didn't work. Either, I'm too clumsy or the gold was just too tiny and light. Probably both. However, I did manage to sort some suspicious little flakes out with tweezers. Today, I figured out how to take good makro-shots and - I see gold! What a confidence boost!

All pictures taken by N.N.

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  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch :)

    Werds jetzt auch mal mit Waschen versuchen, bisher nur n bisschen goldhaltiges Erz, vermischt mit Pyrit, eingeschlossen in einem Quartzstein gefunden, lucky found sozusagen, aber wie heißt es so schön? Wer Gold sucht, findet Gold :P