Same Procedure as Last Year...

Last year, my birthday started with a huge English breakfast, followed by goldpanning and sushi in the evening - you can read up on all of that here. This year? It was exactly the same... and I loved it!! (Look, this time, I had orange juice as well!)

We ended up going to my local canyon. The water was pretty low, but I had brought my fancy waders. I've had them for quite a while, but never tried them out. They worked great though, and I could access places I hadn't been able to pan otherwise.

Frankly, I did sit in the sun a lot (going out the night before, tired), but I did pan - pump's still great - and found some little bits. Biggest ones yet from this area, actually, which was nice.

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  1. Hi! Bin schon seid jahren am goldwaschen interessiert- würde mich sehr freuen wenn du mich ein wenig einlernen könntest!!!
    Bitte nimm Kontakt mit mir auf-
    Mein Name ist Lukas
    meine MailAdress:
    Bis hoffentlich bald- lg Luke

  2. Würd mich auch freun wenn du mich auf FB adden würdest!

  3. Hallo Goldjägerin,

    da mir doch noch einige Informationen zum Goldwaschen in Österreich fehlen, wäre ich froh wenn du mich kontaktieren würdest.

    viele Dank