A Wigwam-Gold-Rush?

Wigwam Holidays are really pushing for panners, it seems. Just a few days ago, they posted this series of pictures on their Facebook page - and might very well cause a little overexcitement among the panners trying their luck in Strathfillan. Well, I did get excited: look at that chunky nugget in the middle!

You can read the whole article here (I recommend it!). Strathfillan Wigwams manager Rena Baillie is talking about the re-opening of the Cononish mine and the hopes for new jobs in the area. She goes on to explain the potential of the area for hobby panners: "...some have left us samples in a small bottle for us to show other would be gold prospectors that it's worth a try [...] The biggest nugget of gold found on site was above the waterfall."

I have met Mrs. Baillie (who was really lovely, as well as her husband) and I know what she is talking about. This summer, as well as last year, I have seen some of the souvenirs she received from fellow panners - although none as big. Unfortunately, I cannot yet afford to give away presents like the chunkies shown above. One day, maybe... I am curious to see if this picture stirs up a new mini gold-rush in the area. Already, as Mrs. Baillie claims, a third of the visitors to Strathfillan Wigwams are panners who want to try their luck in the surrounding hills. I wouldn't be surprised if a few more jumped on the bandwaggon now.

On a more critical sidenote: If the gold shown is indeed from the wigwam-river, that's great, but I wonder if the long-established panners in the area agree with such open promotion and the public revelation of the finding-spot...?

Source: http://www.wigwamholidays.com/wigwam_news/30

*edit* Turns out that, apparently, the gold is indeed from the region, but not the wigwam burn - and it probably took quite some time and energy to get such a great reward. Phew. I was already kicking my ass for missing these chunkies... ;) It does put it into perspective. Yes, it is possible to find bigger stuff - but it is hard, hard work and certainly not all found in just a day or two. Does motivate me though!

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