What I found in Tyndrum...

The time has come to share my findings with you all! May I proudly present: my collection of gold from this year's vacation in Scotland!

On the left, my gold pieces from the river that runs by the wigwam site (scaled up times 60). I found most of them stuck in the deep cracks in the bedrock, just like last year. And now the more interesting stuff - my biggest pieces so far:

The one on the left measures about half a centimetre and is pretty chunky. I was able to pick it directly off the bedrock - something I had heard other panner's talking about but had never been able to experience myself, so that was nice! Guess, it's my first picker. Literally. The lovely triangular piece on the right is technically not mine - it was a lovely present given to me from Tony and Dave. Thanks a lot guys. Let's be a bit philosophical here and say its corners stand for the three of you and the fun day we spent! Lastly, this is how my pan looked after two days of backbreaking work:

I am really, really chuffed about what I found! I put all my gold on the little scales I own. I had been given them for my birthday by a friend, but they start at 0,1 grams and so far, I had never even had enough gold to make it show up. This year however, my total amounted to 0,2 grams. Now, for some of you lucky devils out there, that might not sound like a lot, but it's the most gold I have found so far. I've been panning for 1,5 years and what I had found in all that time before this holiday, did not add up to this trip's achievement. So yay! I am confident though that when I apply my newly acquired knowledge about pumps and sluices (thank you, Andrew, Dave, Hamish and Tony!), I will get luckier here in Austria as well - and I can't wait!

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  1. So.... looks like someone's got gold fever! Amazing though you can you pick up pieces of half a centimetre large form the bedrock!

  2. Yes! That was a pretty cool moment. Made my day. :)